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Planetarium Games

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Planetarium Games is a company that designs and develops Internet based games. We've started long ago with Planetarium Manager (2002) and our business mission is currently focused on the continuous development of social virtual worlds. We are also open to set partnerships with companies/individuals that share the same goals by offering our expertise and experience.
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Ball Manager

Ball Manager is a football manager game

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Planetarium Football Star is a free online, browser-based football management and role-playing game

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Planetarium Manager

Planetarium Manager is a free online, browser-based football management game

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BitClubs is a free online game where you manage a club, you're the leader!

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Tribal Bands

Gather a band and lead your music tribe! Choose from six races to create a band, record songs and play gigs and fight for your music tribe!

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Advertising Partners

  • Advertise our games in your website
  • You can get up to a 30% lifetime sales commission on the users you bring to our games


  • Publish your games on PGames gamers' network. Contact us for more information


  • With almost 10 years of experience in the browser game's market we provide consulting services to external game developers

Development / Investment

  • We provide game development services to companies and individuals that want to make their way up into the browser-games business

Feel free to contact us.

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